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at RED DEER COLLEGE, Summer Art School

Red Deer, Alberta

July 23-July 27, 2018


Explore slabs as two-dimensional wall pieces as well as three-dimensional pots. Find nature-based decorative elements while walking at the beach and in the forest, bringing them back to the studio to explore how they can be incorporated into organically made 3D slab pots. Investigate how to design and execute 2D land/waterscape wall tiles, using found natural elements from the beach and forest and integrating them into colourful, textural wall pieces. All recipes used will be made available. 
Level: Intermediate/Advanced








at Metchosin Summer School for the Arts  (MISSA), Victoria, BC

June 30-July 1, 2018


This weekend course focuses on making 3-dimensional clay wall tiles, with the natural beauty of the West Coast shoreline/majestic forest as the source of our inspiration as well as a source of our tools.  An interpretation of the environment in which each student lives, and how to express that particular place through similar methods with clay will be explored.

Ceramic Tiles: /Landscape/Cityscape



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